Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This one's 4 U Nick

Via Chic Cyclist
Update: An awful lot of people have been asking "Who is Nick?" and "Where can we get a look at his facial hair?" in fact it's a hot topic on the American Craig's list forum. Well Nick is a bike mechanic but I can't tell you where to find him because he might not like people coming in the shop to stare at him, possibly even wanting to cop a feel of his beard...
Update 2: Ok I give in already, due to popular demand, here it is... the beard in question. Nick's beard is widely considered to be some of the coolest cycling facial hair you will find on a face in Sydney's Uber Cool Inner West. You have to admit there is certainly nothing straggly about it. I think it's his Russian genes, he must have one of those old orthodox priests in his ancestry.
Bearded cyclist

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Charlotte said...

Nick is clearly firmly planted in the center of my figure, among the men with cool facial hair who also ride bikes.

Nick, thanks for showing us your beard!