Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bike To Work Day testimonial

Roundtrip miles biked each weekday: 14.
Commute time, including 13 traffic lights: 30 minutes each way.
Days I've driven a car to work in the past five years: fewer than 10.
Accidents involving cars or pedestrians: Zero.
Patience level being in a car during commute hours: Very low.
Satisfaction level zipping past a long line of backed-up cars: High.
CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere each year: 2.6 tons (yes, tons).
Gas money saved each year, at current prices: $900.
Frequency of decadent dessert consumption: Daily.
Body Mass Index: Low.
Guilt over eating said sweets: None.
Cost of high-quality bicycle: $800.
Amount I would have spent to purchase a car and insurance if not biking: A lot more than $800. Cycling gear and maintenance costs during the past five years: under $230.
Flat tires since installing Mr. Tuffy liners a year and a half ago: Zero.
Bike theft insurance per month, covering complete replacement: $2.
Living a low-carbon lifestyle and practicing what I'd preach if I were the preaching type: Priceless.
Gillian Zaharias

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lexington Place Buskers Competition

I headed over to Maroubra Beach today with Charlie and Cooper to the Lexington Place Busker Competition. I'd been invited to help judge the competition. It was a beautiful suuny day and it was great to see all the locals come out to enjoy the show together. We were very impressed at the courage and talent of some of the very young performers who got up to sing or play for the crowd. Randwick City Council did a great job getting the competition organised. It was very encouraging to see the council working with the locals to create a fun community event.
Cooper made lots of new friends.
Samba Ninjas

Danielle won $1000 for her own arrangement of "Time after Time." She is only 15 but already has a very promising voice.
11 year old Taylor sung really well without any accompaniment, she only entered at the last minute but carried off a $250 third prize.
Eddie Jackson came second after an amazingly energetic tap dancing performance. (Once he'd found a bit of wood to stomp on)