Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just when you thought you had every possible accessory for your bicycle along comes the Drybike. Of course it is from the home of City Cycling The Netherlands.

I guess it could be tricky in windy weather or a really heavy Sydney style bucketing but there are lots of other days when this would be great for cruising around town. Jeroen Hemelrijk sells the Drybike mount for 24 euros or about $50 (including postage), it clamps around the handlebar close to the stem. At the bottom of the mount is a swivelling joint, then a solid tube ending in an eight-inch flexible rod on top that has the umbrella clamp. I reckon that if you used it with a Senz umbrella, which is also made in the Netherlands, it might be possible to ride reasonably fast. The unique shape of a Senz umbrella pairs a short front with a longer tail. The shape keeps the front of the umbrella always heading into the wind.

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