Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cazzbo is back!

And as usual she has brought home another great cycling photo from Amsterdam.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Urgent recall!

Automobile owners please note!
Read this important recall notice carefully to see if this applies to your vehicle.

Via Cyclelicious

Sunday, November 16, 2008

At the vanishing point

Bicycle Triptych
That's a wrap! This year's Bicycle Film Festival finished up today. For me that meant heading down to ATVP to give a short talk about our artwork and then to pack it up. Over 700 people have been through the Road:Rode exhibition so it has been a big success.

Several of the 30 artists who contributed works to the exhibition were there to speak about their exhibits and as the works ranged across a wide variety of mediums it was an enlightening afternoon. It's fabulous to see the way bicycles have become such a powerful cultural icon.

A multicultural Tour De France

Janice's bicycle cheese platters. I would have loved to buy these.

Fez negotiates a purchase.

A positive response to the gentrification of Newtown.

If only we could do this with the real Anzac Bridge.

Adam Leddin had the four riders of the apocalypse with lots of zodiac and elemental symbols. Very cool.

This lady had made jewellery by cutting off the ends of her handlebars.

Sonia came all the way from Canberra. Her artworks included embroidery and a cyclist drawn with bitumen.

I think this man's name was Ken, he talked about these amazing tricycles, the utes of the bicycle world. They do 90% of the transport of goods in China.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Bike Love Parade

We put together a small team to promote SBAR at tonight's Big Bike Love Parade. Excellent fun although the wind was a bit chilly once we hit the road. Handed out heaps of postcards and flew the flag. Big Thanks to the volunteers who showed up to help spread the word.
Painted Riders
More photos here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Promotional Ride #1

Hanging out to ride your bike in a coat of paint? Can't wait till February?
Michelle French, who is organising the Big Bike Love Parade on Thursday (13/11) has asked us to provide some painted riders. We'd really appreciate your help if you can come along. Meet us at Cheeky Transport (3a Georgina St Newtown) as close to 5pm as you can get there. Bring your swimmers or shorts or something you can be painted in.
We will paint up and be ready to ride at 6.30pm. There are showers and a party at the end of the ride which is at Sydney Park. You might want to bring a towel too.


Facebook event is here

Some images from previous promo rides to inspire you.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Pics in the Park

Free Outdoor Film Festival in Kings Cross in November 2008">Pics in the Park returns for its 5th year tomorrow. Pics in the Park is a free annual film festival held on the 8, 15 and 22 November in the Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Cross. Entertaining and sometimes confronting documentaries about Sydney's social history are screened, alongside a small selection of short films by local filmmakers.

Featuring in the program this year are; IF nominated Playing in the Shadows, Love & Anarchy, a look into the world of Jay Katz and his partner Miss Death, and Naked Painted People; a look at the organisation of the first ever Sydney Body Art Ride! All film nights will begin with 3 or 4 short films by local filmmakers, including Phil Middleton’s award winning The Mouse That Ate My Brain on the 8th of November.

Pics in the Park 2008 program:8 November 2008

Playing in the Shadows: A group of kids growing up in Woolloomooloo, a notorious public housing estate in the shadow of Sydney’s famous skyline, find inspiration after dark when they form a basketball squad to compete in a citywide tournament for underprivileged youth.

The filmmakers Sascha Ettinger Epstein and Marco Ianniello as well as some of the kids from the documentary will be presenting the film on the night. Playing in the Shadows is currently nominated for Best Documentary for the Inside Film (IF) awards

15 November 2008

Love & Anarchy: This film documents the history of the once notorious and near legendary industrial noise band, "The Mu-Mesons". Led by Jamie Leonarder (Jay Katz), it was a band like no other. Comprised mainly of musicians and performers who were manic depressives and schizophrenics, the band existed in various formations over a tumultuous 16 year period.

Jamie Leonarder and his partner Aspagia Leonarder (aka Miss Death) will be making a guest appearance on the night and will introduce Love & Anarchy.

22 November 2008

Naked Painted People:

Documents the conception and triumph over adversity of the first Sydney Body Art Rides.
Where: Fitzroy Gardens, Macleay St, Kings Cross. Fitzroy Gardens is next to the El Alamein fountain and is just a short walk from Kings Cross station.

When: 8.15pm on Saturday 8 November, Saturday 15 November & Saturday 22 November. Finishes approximately 10.30pm.

Tickets: Free

Bookings: N/A

Details: Seated and there is an area at the front for ground seating.

Pics in the Park is run by Inner City Arts. Inner City Arts is a non profit organisation which assists local artists and provides a platform of access and inclusion for local artists and the community.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Road Works

The events just keep on coming this month, it's hard to keep up. Tonight was the opening of Gilbert Grace's exhibition "Road Works" at the Regard gallery on Wilson St. The exhibition is part of the ongoing festivities surrounding this year's Bike Film Festival.

Gilbert's works consist of pencil sketches, woodblock prints and some beautiful oil paintings. The artworks were inspired by the Sydney Green Ring project. Bike Sydney have been working on this project for years and it has to be one of the most inspired ideas in town. Within a 5km radius of Erskineville in Sydney’s inner west there exists a network of paths that follow ancient waterways, either along narrow streams and watercourses, or the majestic Sydney Harbour and its byways. When linked together they form a traversable ring around the inner south and inner west of Sydney.

Contained within that ring is the entire history of the early colonial settlement of Sydney. It is a cornucopia of historic events, architecture, industry, culture which is still unfolding and developing, a living environment and history being carefully nurtured back from the ravages of exploitation and neglect. Gilbert's Art captures the beauty of some of the places on that route. If you're like me and you love the elegant use of light in a picture then you will really appreciate Gilbert's work.

King St Newtown

I met Bruce Ashley at the opening, he is a tireless advocate of the GreenWay, a project which is very dear to me. In an ideal Sydney the GreenWay would form part of the Sydney Green Ring.

You have until the 16th of November to check out this exhibition. If you commute along Wilson you'd be mad not to drop in.

See you tomorrow night at Cheeky Transport for this

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Edge Parade

Sydney's Bicycle Culture came of age last night with the launch of the Bicycle Film Festival in May's Lane, St Peters. It was a historical evening attended by a who's who of the Sydney cycling fraternity. As far as I know there has never been a bicycle fashion parade in Sydney before and I don't think there has ever been one quite like this! The fashion parade had a distinctly irreverent Sydney edge to it.

The Gimp mounts his Pink Surly Gimp Bike

The underwear guy. He fell asleep in the dumpster bin later but sadly I missed getting a photo of that. I think his name is Verge.

The Gimp chases undie man off stage

Ms Sara and her bike Rorry who she got from Tempe Tip for just $15!

Little Miss Jeannie

Phillipa dressed in the latest Sydney evening wear by French Curve

Huffy Lover and her purple leopard skin print bike.

Safari Suit Sam

The Cheeky Professor and friend

There were lots of cool bikes to admire.

DJ Ollo performed

Even Yehuda Moon was there!

And a guy who breathed fire!

At about 10pm the cops arrived having been summoned by the local brothel. Apparently their sleezoid clients were having trouble sneaking in the back entrance because there was a huge crowd of partying cyclists in the back alley!

Turns out the madam of the Amore brothel commands the services of a Superintendent of NSW Police no less!

Impressive connections... Anyway the cops couldn't find a good excuse to shut down the show as the organisers had cleverly made sure they had ticked all the bureaucratic boxes. The superintendent had a bit of a whinge (while trying not to smile) because he'd spotted someone drinking out of a glass bottle (which is apparently forbidden) but in the end he and his mates went away and the party continued. Imagine putting up a sign that says "graffiting prosecuted" (whatever that means) in May's Lane of all places. Great way to make friends with the local community.



I didn't manage to get pictures of all the organisers but here are a few of them. They should feel very proud of having put together such a great event. Want to see more photos?