Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Neo Con Blair

We've just had a visit from the English PM Tony Blair. Although he is stinking to high heaven back home the Australian media worked themselves into a lather competing to heap praise on him, it was quite sickening.

Blair and Bush's invasion of Iraq continues to be the world's most glaring fuck up and thanks to the groveling of our own PM we are up to our necks in it. At least the English have the brains to see Blair for what he is and he should be kicked out at the next election if his own party hasn't dumped him first. Here is a picture from Brooks Saddles, via Wallingford

Meanwhile here in Australia support for the conservatives continues unabated. Our government recently introduced changes to our rights as workers that undid 200 years of union gains, unlike France there was barely a sqeak of protest here. We can now be sacked without notice just for questioning the boss.

As if that wasn't bad enough John Howard has now decided he can make a quick buck by following in the footsteps of his hero Bob Menzies who earned the nickname "Pig Iron Bob" by selling iron to the Japanese. The metal came back to us in the form of bombs and war machines. Howard is going one better and selling uranium to the Chinese!