Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ride2Work Day!

Today was Ride2Work Day so I got up early and headed down to Wilson St to meet up with my mates from Cheeky Transport who were saluting all the workers as they rode past.

Dave, Nick and Adam

Jen was there too.

Style Queen

The Marrickville bike bus!

Off to deliver some packages?

No strangers in the World of the Urban Cyclist

Hey isn't that that cool lady from JTV? Should have known she'd be a cyclist. Look how she manages to balance all those bags. Doesn't bother strapping them on her rack. Nice shoes too.

If you look real close you can see her cool bike tattoo

Look what I can do Mum!

After we'd had enough of that amusing activity we headed down to Cafe Giulia for breakfast. No muffins and nescafe in Martin Place for us! The staff at Giulia's were proud to inform us that 5 out of 6 staff had ridden to work. I think the 6th guy lives just up the road so he walked.

Congratulations to everyone who rode!

Dinner time in Newtown Square.

Treadly has some links to other blogs about Bike2Work Day, Check them out.

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