Monday, April 21, 2008

Show Reel

Showreel 2006-7 - James Edwards from James Edwards on Vimeo.
This is the show reel of James our editor on the Chaser. You can see lots of stuff that I produced on here. I'm in the background in one shot.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A lesson from Cuba

Photo from Dbell2006
The fall of the Soviet Union brought tough economic times to Cuba. Motorised transport ground to a halt and Cubans were forced to turn to their bicycles to get around. The effect on the health of the population was dramatic. Obesity was halved, diabetes fell by 51%, coronary artery disease was reduced by 35% and strokes fell by 20%. Australia's struggling health system could benefit hugely from a cycling revolution.

Photo from Velovotee

Photo from Tarnie

Photo by Tom

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cyclist run down by drunken Klutz

Alleycat champ and cycling advocate Jan Whelan, (who appears in the video below) was run down by a drunk motorist and badly injured while riding with her friend Rachel Harris in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Whalen is an avid bicycle activist and singer. In addition to leading the UCF bike club, she is an active member of Orlando Critical Mass.

Whalen described the collision as sounding like a bomb went off. "I woke up in the road and heard Rachel screaming and when I looked over at her it looked like her face was covered in blood," she said. The motorist, identified as 24-year-old Amy Klutz, who struck Whalen and Harris was given several sobriety tests at the scene of the accident and later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Whalen suffered from a broken collar bone, four broken ribs, a fractured hip and various abrasions. Harris suffered from bruises on her head and severe abrasions.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Put The Fun Between Your Legs: Women who ride bikes

The Bicyclist

The Bicyclist is my number one favourite internet TV show. It is set in wet and windy Portland which is the capital of hipster bike culture in the USA. A lot of it is filmed in a bike shop called the recyclery
You can watch all the episodes for free here

My favourite character is Steve Jones, she is a super cool bike mechanic in her mid-twenties, independent, smart and funny (when no one’s looking.) Steve is played by Elle Poindexter

That's Steve in the armchair...
I made friends with Steve via her Myspace page and she has promised to come and ride in the next Sydney Body Art Ride!
Photos are by Jessica Hill
You can see all the cool Portland Bohemians doing their thing in this video from the Dandy Warhols:

Rate a plate

This is a fun new website. Hours of amusement can be derived from reading the offences listed under "Intimidate or endanger cyclist"

6 April 2008
Sunday Telegraph
The site logs dates, times and locations of driver
errors, along with number plates.

These are plotted on a Google map, allowing visitors
to look for offending drivers in their own suburbs.

A new feature allows companies to register their
vehicle number plates and keep track of their
employees' driving behaviour through the site.

The most commonly reported complaints are speeding,
illegal parking, defective vehicles and drivers using
mobile phones.

More than 40 traffic offences have been reported,
including eating at the wheel.

The driver of one P- plated vehicle was
"observed attempting to eat a marathon roll while
trying to turn from Pennant Hills Rd into Loch Maree
Ave at Thornleigh".

Site co-founder Simon Dakin said the idea was to use
the Internet's power and community involvement to make
a difference to road safety.

Mr Dakin said the site had procedures aimed at weeding
out malicious reports.

More Bike Art



Bicycle Art by Amy Rice

This evening I discovered Amy Rice, she does beautiful stencil art including some nice bike themed art. Amy has a blog at

Amy's Flickr page is here. I found Amy's Art at the PedalZine group.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yehuda Moon

Yehuda works at the Kickstand Cyclery, he's a commuter cyclist after my own heart