Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday TAP

There's always so much to do in a big city like Sydney, it's easy to miss out on things but last nights party at TAP Gallery was an event I wouldn't have missed for the World. Arriving in the upstairs gallery was like stepping back in time to the Bohemian 1920s. Poets poured out their passion, Peacock Fans unveiled tattoos and a naked man did paintings with his bum. There were even people in the audience wearing berets! The comedy acts were fantastic with lots of participation from the audience, I laughed till I cried.

Lesley Dimmick is the curator of Sydney's best underground gallery.
Pterodactyl Man performed comic haiku.

Maggie gave us two quintessentially Australian poems and sung "Summertime." She had a fabulous voice.

We were pleased to see the performance artists arriving by bicycle

Lesley enlisted the support of Kit to express her opinion on the Sydney Art Scene with some naked arse painting.

I went along with some of the SBAR crew as our Artwork "Bicycle Triptych" is on show in the 20th Birthday Exhibition downstairs, if you want to see it you had better be quick because there were a few people interested in purchasing it. We have set a pretty low price so it can't last long.

We've decided to start work on a new concept too, it will take a while to make it happen but we will let you know on here when it's ready. Here's a clue to the concept we are working on.

Some info about the Gallery

Tucked away in Darlinghurst is an artist-run gallery known as TAP. For the last 19 years many of Australia’s foremost artists, including Andrew Logan, Carlos Barrios, Mark Hanham and James Powditch have launched their exciting careers, with many more artists are preparing to exhibit in the future.

The TAP Gallery’s vision is a simple one, and that is to support Sydney’s arts scene by providing a workable and an affordable space for artists to exhibit. TAP supports all forms of art at a grassroots level making it a popular destination for artists and art lovers alike, which exemplifies TAP as credited with being voted the Best Art Gallery in Sydney for artworks under $5,000 in 2008.

TAP stages regular Art Prizes and group shows to give artists an opportunity to participate and be involved. Situated in close proximity to the CBD, TAP provides a flexible space with two levels, comprising different exhibition rooms. The gallery operates on a space hire basis, and includes a theatre showcasing the work of many fresh playwrights. Although TAP has over 900 sq metres of fantastic space, it can be adapted to any size with the use of movable walls to cope for smaller or larger shows.

TAP offers an opportunity for the community to meet artists, actors, film makers and playwrights. It is a well known meeting place which also has a café/bookshop for relaxation.