Monday, October 27, 2008


Catherine has finished our poster and postcard for 2009. You can see them below. Click on the image for a larger version. If you get the chance it would be great if you could email the images to your friends or send them a link to this page.

Jens Korff took the photo for the poster and Brent Wilson took the one on the postcard.

We have also received our official letter from New Mardi Gras to confirm that we are part of next year's festival. The paint company Matisse Derivan have kindly offered to supply us with paint again and we have been given permission to use the Physics Lawn at UNSW to marshal our riders. Randwick City Council has confirmed they will assist us in funding the event and our traffic plan for 2009 has been submitted. As you can see we have been busy! Charlie is still working on updating our website and struggling with a new software program but according to an email he sent me today it should be online next week some time. (If you have any suggestions for changes to the website now is the time to submit them)

We have a prize for our Highest Fundraiser! Cheeky Transport have donated a fabulous Gemini Gofa the ideal city utility bike and yes it does come with all those fabulous extras you can see in the picture (journalist not included). To be in the running to win this cool prize you need to raise over $300 worth of sponsorship. There will be a page on our updated website where you can register your sponsors. All money raised will be donated to the Children's Cancer Research Institute

We are putting together a promotion team for the Big Bike Love Parade on the 13th of November. Meet us at Cheeky Transport to get painted up if you want to join us but do let me know you're coming so I can bring enough paint! We should have postcards ready to hand out by then.

The only other thing I can think of to tell you is that our Artwork for the Road/Rode Exhibition has been sent off to the printers and it looks pretty fabulous, Romana and I painted Merryn and Ollie and Pete took the photos, I think it turned out really well. It's three panels and it's called Bicycle Triptych. Hope to see you all at the Opening Night on Thursday the 6th of November.

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David J said...

Great poster and postcard!Wish I could be in Sydney for this event I hope you get a huge turn out.
Well done!

Can I use an image of the poster or card on my blog along with links to your website?