Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Love Your Bike

When bikelove goes too far....


Monday, December 18, 2006

A Very Cheeky Christmas

Yesterday was the Annual Cheeky Transport Christmas Celebrations. Ania, Katia and I rode in to Newtown to join the festivities. We had a fabulous asfternoon.

The partygoers gather at Cheeky Transport, Newtown.

Ania ready to ride.

Katia checks out Lynne's Fuji.

Final instructions.

Let's go Dad!

Waiting to cross Parramatta Rd.

Moz dressed up as Santa Claus.

Riding along the Glebe foreshore path.

We stopped at the Fish Markets to buy some supplies.

On the road again.

Pyrmont Point Park.

Sol shows off his bike.

Even the Christmas Tree came by bike trailer. Ania and Katia were more than happy to assist with decorating it.

Pedal powered cocktail maker on the Xtracycle.

Fiona setting up the food stall.

Dave cranks one up.

Pedal powered BBQ

Christiana full of ice and beer.

Fiona serves dinner.

We had delicious vegetarian food.

Solar Powered PA system

Jack got into the spirit of things.

Cranking up another cocktail

Paula finishes it off

Phuong was there.

Play time! Explaining the rules of "Foot Down"

Sol was fascinated and badly wanted to join in.

Adam takes to the field on the unconquerable Christiana.

All too soon the sun was setting and it was time to load up the trailers and go home.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Honourable Mention

The Annual Review from Children's Cancer Institute Australia arrived today and the Sydney Body Art Ride got an honourable mention. It sounds like the people at the Institute are very pleased with our fund raising efforts.

There was even a photograph!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Cool people who ride bikes


Bike Polo
Punk Kid
Steam powered Bikepunx

Johnny Payphone
Miffy the wrench bunny
Johnny at Burning Man
Playing polo
Gotta keep your arms warm...
Critical Mass


Don't even think about stealing my bike...
Chicago Rat Patrol Rider

In the workshop
Bike Kill Jouster
Never ever fall asleep when you're partying with the Rat Patrol...

My favourite all girl Bikepunk dancing troupe-The Sprockettes
Limbering up

Getting ready to perform

For a Bikepunk soundtrack check out BYOP