Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doctor Who: The Chaser

This is one of my favourite Andrew Hansen songs. You can watch lots of Chaser stuff on You Tube.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gladstone St

Last night I was reading on Nosey in Newtown's excellent blog a lot of idle speculation about the ex army trucks that park in Gladstone St and appear to have fallen into the hands of the Spooky Newtown Art Mob. So being a devotee of idle speculation (like most cyclists) I stopped this morning on my ride to work and snapped off a few shots. It's relevant because the thing in the back has pedals and at least two bicycles died to make it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Who is Zoot Katz?

It occurred to me that the greatest value of our bikes is that they lead us to deeper enquiry. They carry us to new places within ourselves. We learn very real things about our internal physical functions. They expose the wonderous workings of our body/mind while connecting us in the outer world. They take us there under our own power at our own pace. Bicycles become our teachers and healers and friends. They guide us through the greater world by prompting us with questions and encourage­ment. Bicycles motivate us through the realms of science, sociology and spirituality whether carrying us to the corner or around the world. All we have to do is ride them. That's a damn good deal. --Zoot Katz

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bicycle Macho

We've all noticed that there are heaps more people out there riding on two wheels these days which is a wonderful thing. I love cruising down Wilson St when there are lots of other cyclists on the road. At the moment it still feels like a subculture and although I want everyone in this town to commute by pedal power I guess it will be a little sad when cycling becomes mainstream. While most people are still riding in cars you do feel like a bit of a daring rebel. Cycling in Sydney is sometimes percieved as being like one of those Extreme Sports where really tough dudes put their life on the line just for the thrill of it. Which brings me to my point. How come most of the cyclists I see are women?
My friend Des reckons it's all about male insecurity, men need the car in order to feel powerful and dangerous. Women are more community minded, they care about the environment and what's good for society as a whole.
I think the blokes out there need to realise that if they had real balls they'd be taking on the traffic. Real men don't need a motor.

Just between you and me, it's really not that dangerous, motorists seem to be getting more considerate every day. They wait for me at intersections and make sure they allow plenty of room when they pass. It's pretty rare for a car to come within half a meter of me and Big Red. The only times I've ever felt endangered are when I've been deliberately doing something risky.
Australian's love to support the underdog, they all know they're in the wrong when they are riding around in a pollution machine.
Here's a video sent in by Phuong that provides another reason why women love their bicycles.