Saturday, October 25, 2008


I guess it's better than the dismissive attitude we've heard in the past but I won't be holding my breath. I'm happy riding on the road anyway.

From Clover Moore's E-News, sent in by Gilbert Grace


I recently wrote to the new Premier and Minister for Roads urging
action to overcome delays in Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)
approvals for a number of our key cycling projects. Over the next four
years, I want to achieve a cycling network that is safe enough for
children, giving priority to separated cycleways as a viable alternate
to private cars.

The Minister indicated in Parliament this week that he will look into
our concerns and agreed to work with the City to improve cycling

This is an important step, as one of the delayed approvals involves
the road alignment for a north-south cycle route through the CBD.
Considered by many cyclists and transport planners as the most
important "missing link" in CBD cycling infrastructure, the
north-south route would connect the Harbour Bridge to the east-west
cycleway on King, Park and William Streets.

As a cyclist himself, the Premier has told me that he is keen to see
cycling become a viable transport alternative for Sydneysiders. During
development of our Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision, City research
showed that 75 per cent of non-regular cyclists said that having
dedicated bicycle lanes and off-road routes would make them cycle more

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