Sunday, May 27, 2007

Good reason not to insure with GIO

Reading the paper this morning I was annoyed to see this advert from GIO. The clear message is that public transport is only for losers and that everyone should aspire to commute to work by car. I'm also annoyed that Sydney Buses have allowed this photo to be taken on one of their vehicles. Why are Sydney Buses actively co-operating with a company that discourages the use of public transport?
Directly above this ad was an article which graphically illustrates the results of this kind of thinking. In Sydney 1600 people a year die because of air pollution (90% of which comes from cars) The article also states that Sydney has seen an explosion in car use with 7.7 million fewer trips being made by public transport than there were six years ago. (click on the article to see the larger version)
Check out the double chin on the poor suffering commuter. What he really needs to do is start cycling to work.