Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sam and the City

Today we interviewed Samantha Brett who is the author of one of Sydney's most popular lifestyle blogs Sam and the City and an expert on the dating game.
We used my friend Christine's beautiful RED Holden Monaro to provide the right atmosphere. For a location Claude picked the ABC Helicopter pad out at Gore hill which was perfect for panoramic backdrops although we did have to stop while the chopper took off!

Sam was really nice and gave us lots of good grabs. You can see the interview on the 3rd of December on "My Favourite Album." After we wrapped I had to jump in a taxi and rush off to a red carpet event at Fox Studios, despite the gridlocked traffic (I was wishing I was on my bike) I made it just in time. They were launching a new movie called Catch a fire.
After some desperate fumbling with the videocamera I finally got it working just in time to interview Tim Robbins. Next thing we knew a little guy in sunglasses turned up. It was Bono from U2! The paparazzi went absolutely bonkers at that point, we managed to get him over and he answered three or four questions for us. Got back to the office in a jubilant mood and found an e-mail from Kram saying he's happy to come on the show! My performance appraisal is a shoe in for sure now!


Phil said...

You are such a show off, and it's not jealousy that making me say that..........really.

Sometimes the work we do (in my case bikes) is so good isn't it?

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Sure is Phil...