Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is that the truth? Or did you read it in the Daily Telegraph?

Scraping along the bottom of the commercial media swill trough as usual, the Daily Telegraph published an article today titled "Chain gang chokes city." Being criticised by the right wing zealots of the Telegraph is an endorsement of our protest. It means we have had a real impact. I have zero sympathy for the motorists who were stuck in their metal boxes last night. To be commuting by car when thousands of species are threatened with extinction is selfishness of breathtaking proportions. The fact that the rest of the herd is just as blinkered and lazy as you is no comfort at all.

I particularly enjoyed the rampant hypocrisy of Ms Hilda James who is quoted as saying "They are nothing but selfish pests who do not care about anyone else but themselves." !!! This from a woman who is polluting the planet and funding oil wars just so she can get to a bloody pantomine! Abdul Hoque claimed he was going to lose hundreds of dollars because he'd been delayed in the traffic, what a goose...

The Telegraph ignores the fact that most of the people in cars or on the streets were very supportive of the ride. We held them up for a few minutes at most, the other cars on the road held them up a lot longer. In any case we have every right to ride on our streets, it would have created a much bigger traffic jam if we'd all been in cars.
Andrew Carswell (how appropriate) sucked up to Moz and pretended he was a nice reasonable, balanced journalist and then attacked him in the press. I'm sure he didn't have the courage to express his narrow minded views to Moz's face. Carswell scoffs at Moz wanting the state government to spend 96 million on cycling facilities but fails to mention that it would be only 3% of the RTA's annual budget. It's our money and 3% is not a lot to ask for. Why should we be subsidising these obese, irresponsible car drivers?
Carswell also claims that every one of the hundreds of riders who took part were calling for the return home of David Hicks. I suppose he was suffering from the delusion that this would brand us as some sort of deluded liberal loonies. This was because 5 people rode in orange t-shirts with "Bring David Home" written on them. David Hicks has never been convicted of anything and if he was from a more enlightened country he would have been released years ago. Unfortunately for him he's an Australian so his rights aren't worth much. If you would like to attend a demonstration that really is about David Hicks there is one at Noon on the 9th of December at Sydney Town Hall.

Today's motoring commuter is going to be harshly judged by history and the minority who stood up to them will be regarded as the enlightened few of our era.

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