Sunday, November 05, 2006


There is a really interesting exhibition opening in the city on Wednesday night. It's being staged by a friend of Phuong's named Claire Conroy.

Claire Conroy

Claire transformed a 2 tonne truck into a pin hole camera and embarked on a road trip across Sydney stopping at various points to use the power of natural sunlight to document the journey. The results are an amazing series of 2-3 meter photographic negative paper prints of the view from the road.
The use of pin hole photography provides an extremely dark, brooding and ominous series of images that capture the solid infrastructure of the road while deleting the moving vehicles. The black skies, ghostly white trees and empty roads embue Lightspeed with a post-apocalyptic feeling of life after the crash of civilisation. It's a strange world where the structure of the landscape is totally dominated by the car and yet the car itself has all but vanished.
A number of artists have produced sound scapes to accompany the images using sounds collected at the sites of the photographic exposures.

This is a must see exhibition. . Opening night is Wednesday the 8th of November 6-8pm. See you there!MORI Gallery 168 Day St Sydney

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