Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Mole Exhibition

I recently went to see an exhibition that was staged to raise funds to help protect the land of the Kokatha Mula people in South and Central Australia. This land is the home of the endangered Kokatha Mole and is being threatened by a huge sand mining project. Artists from all over the country contributed artworks and everything was successfully auctioned off.

There were lots of beautiful photos.

Parking was a bit limited.
Art lovers gather.
Phuong Le made a banana cake mole.
This fluffy little fella was made by kids from a Steiner school.
Paris Hilton Mole.
The Wicker Mole.
Fluffy Pink Disco Mole.
Kitchen Mole.
The Book of Mole (I bought this one)
The Mole of Death was very popular with the Goths in the audience.
Cuddly Mole.
Diamonte Mole.
Rajastani Embroidered Hairpiece Mole.
Mole Sand Dreaming.
Mole Fanciers
Renata (the curator) shows off Hoody Mole.
Renata's Helpers

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