Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why Women Cycle Better Than Men

At the elite level all riders are dialed into perfecting their technique, At this level, as the stronger of the species, men rule. But in the recreational world the opposite is true. Women riders are more suited to the bicycle, mentally and physically, than male riders.

The bike is the great equalizer. Science tells us it’s the most efficient device known in converting human energy into motion. Science also dictates moving through the air is 70-90% of the resistance felt when pedaling. Weight and aerodynamics are a virtual mountain range to big riders and a slippery slope for the small.

Women as the smaller of our species take these built-in advantages to another level. Being stronger than men is not their genetic calling. Most don’t have a psychological hint, let alone a complex that tells them that raw strength rules. They do not pound the pedals or grind big gears, but intuitively work with the bike and ride more smoothly right from go. It is technique more than strength that opens the world to great recreational riding. Women quickly allow the bike to do what it does best.

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