Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rat Patrol Oz

Down in our frosty capital there is a mysterious and secretive chapter of the fabled Rat Patrol, as far as I know it's the only outbreak of Rat disease so far in the antipodes but I've been eagerly seeking members to start a Sydney Sect. The Canberra rats are having a great existence which I am hoping to experience sometime in October.

Apparently if I can drink enough "Loose Brown’s Rat Patrol cider" I might even gain my own Rat name!

Some of the Canberra RP play in a band called Eytis who I would also love to see (and hear)

1 comment:

Limp Jimmy said...

It's almost the end of October, Jake!!!!!

No, you have to build your own freakbike, THEN get thru some of Loose's Rat Cider! Then there's the induction... ooooooh!