Saturday, June 17, 2006

William St Bike Lanes

In the continuing fiasco over the cross city tunnel Premier Iemma has in his wisdom decided to scrap the bike lanes on William St. I swear the NSW ALP Right are kept in power only by the extreme religious right currently running the NSW Liberals.

Anyway we are determined to fight for any cycle infrastructure we can get (however pitiful it is) so Paul Johnson is organising a BUG ride from Morris's electoral office on Sunday the 25th of June. As Paul says...

"This really is about more than just William St. Politicians are gearing up for the election. The Cross City Tunnel has been a high profile ill conceived stuff up. The political cure seems to be to shaft cyclists. If we don't cause a stink over this and make it an issue, other cycle paths, lanes and facilities around Sydney and the whole state are up for getting degraded whenever it is politically expedient."

Ride details:
June 25 Sunday - Backpedalling on William St
Distance: 55km (27km one way to Kings Cross)
Grade: some traffic, includes cyclepaths, includes cycleways, moderate pace
Contact: Paul Johnson mobile 0438536458 or
Starts at: assemble 9:30am opposite Premier Morris Iemmas office in his local electorate, 48 Thurlow St, Riverwood (visible from Riverwoodrailway station entrance). Ride leaves 10:00am sharp! Don't be late!

So come on people, don't be shy let's hook up and make ourselves heard. Should be a fun day out anyway. Paul's made a poster you can print here

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