Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chaser sauna party

We celebrated 6 months of the War On Everything last night. About 100 party goers got smashed on vodka, steamed up in the sauna and jumped in the icy cold pool. It was a great night. A few of the SBAR team showed up as well to make up the numbers.

Nathan - 2nd director, Craig - director, Dylan - asst editor, Craig - Presenter

James - Editor and Chris - Researcher/producer

Julian and Lisa, Rod and Jane, Marshal Steve in bg

Fun on the Natuzzi

Alice - Captain of the Blues, Paco & Natasha. SBAR Pointman Paul Johnson in bg

Maria and Carlo

Black Captain Peter in Emily's coat


James, Tim, Oscar and Roboalice

Chas, Craig & Nathan

Helen & Wendy - SBAR Secretary

Jake & Simon

Deadly Red Vodka Jelly, Chris & Jake

Sam & Carlo - Art Department

World's strongest Editor

The kids provided live entertainment

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