Thursday, June 15, 2006

A letter to Inner West Weekly

When I got home tonight I was annoyed (but not surprised) to discover that our local newspaper was waging a campaign against the recent attempt by Ashfield Council to introduce a 30kmh speed limit in residential streets. It made me a little bit cross so I wrote them a letter...

"Dear Editor,

I was dismayed to see the headline on the front of Inner-West this week, "we're a joke" I call that biased and tabloid, not good enough guys, lift your game.I think we should all be proud that our council is taking these steps to protect the community. It is very easy to find scientific evidence that a 30kmh speed limit saves lives. I found this in just ten minutes on the Monash University website

"Several studies have shown that the risk of a pedestrian receiving fatal injuries at an impact speed of 50 km/h is approximately 10 times higher than at an impact speed of 30 km/h."

When little Sophie Delizio was run down recently the commercial media jumped on the story in a frenzy of hand wringing but now when the community trys to introduce a measure that would have prevented the accident they howl with derision. As a father I find it very disappointing that anyone could value a slightly faster trip to the shops or to work over the life and safety of our children. Cr Lance Dale should have supported this motion but instead chose to use it to play petty politics. So much for his green credentials... "

Here is a link to the article that I was responding to. Why don't you write them one too?

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