Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything is ready

Steve, Des, Paul and I headed over to UNSW this morning and with the assistance of Sam we put up the painting enclosure. Weather was pretty warm and not raining. If we get the same weather tomorrow we should have a pretty good ride.

After we put the enclosure up we dropped into Bunnings and bought some cheap marquee's to provide a bit of shelter. Then we dropped in to visit the Guerilla Knitter who fitted Minerva with her new knitted Rainbow top bar cover so that she won't feel too chilly tomorrow. It was a lovely gift and I'm sure there is something a bit magical about it. Receiving it today was like a special blessing for our ride tomorrow. Especially blessed because Dneese is one of those people that you immediately recognise as a very wise and kind individual. A community treasure.

Des has organised all sorts of musical entertainment so you won't get bored waiting around for everyone to get painted.
As usual I had a constant stream of phone calls asking, is the ride still on? Where does it start from? What time? etc. Just in case you're thinking of calling me...
10.00 AM
Physics Lawn
We ride off at Noon to Maroubra

Don't forget your helmet!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you may have been blessed by better weather today, I hope Minerva loves her outfit and the ride goes well...thanks for your very lovely words, Jake.