Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Car drivers break far more traffic rules than Cyclists

Operation Amulet in Victoria has been running for 6 weeks and it has been a huge success, yes a huge success. It was run in areas frequented by cyclists (predominately road riders) and ran from 12 February until 6 April. It managed to highlight that even in areas that have almost a 1:1 ratio bikes to cars, it shows that cars break far more rules (so much for registration ).

Although some people felt they unfairly targeted cyclists, they didn't. What they did do is look for people endangering vulnerable road users, sometimes we are our own worst enemy and will, therefore, be fined.

Basic list of how it went:
• 1669 car and truck offences
• 301 bicycle offences
• 241 motorcycle offences
• 37 pedestrian offences

Mobile phone use was particularly high with 317 car drivers fined for using their mobile phones while behind the wheel.
Meanwhile, 92 motorcyclists were caught illegally riding in bicycle lanes and 85 cyclists were fined for disobeying traffic lights.
Lights missing from bikes after dark was another common reason for bikes being fined. So remember to do the right thing, and avoid being out of pocket.

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