Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Good Friday outing with the Feather Brigade

One of the things I love about riding my bike is that it allows you to notice little things that you would never see with other forms of transport. On your bike you can just pull up anywhere to take a closer look, snap a photo, smell the flowers...

Which makes the bicycle the perfect vehicle for the kind of event we attended today, a scavenger hunt along the newly opened George St Cycleway. We rode along quiet tree lined streets in Redfern looking for clues and giving away Easter eggs to the people we met. As if that wasn't enough we met up later in a pub and were given prizes!

It makes me very thankful that I live in a town where there are people willing to get up off the couch and organise something like this with no other motivation than to provide others (often total strangers) with a good time.

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