Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Edge Parade

Sydney's Bicycle Culture came of age last night with the launch of the Bicycle Film Festival in May's Lane, St Peters. It was a historical evening attended by a who's who of the Sydney cycling fraternity. As far as I know there has never been a bicycle fashion parade in Sydney before and I don't think there has ever been one quite like this! The fashion parade had a distinctly irreverent Sydney edge to it.

The Gimp mounts his Pink Surly Gimp Bike

The underwear guy. He fell asleep in the dumpster bin later but sadly I missed getting a photo of that. I think his name is Verge.

The Gimp chases undie man off stage

Ms Sara and her bike Rorry who she got from Tempe Tip for just $15!

Little Miss Jeannie

Phillipa dressed in the latest Sydney evening wear by French Curve

Huffy Lover and her purple leopard skin print bike.

Safari Suit Sam

The Cheeky Professor and friend

There were lots of cool bikes to admire.

DJ Ollo performed

Even Yehuda Moon was there!

And a guy who breathed fire!

At about 10pm the cops arrived having been summoned by the local brothel. Apparently their sleezoid clients were having trouble sneaking in the back entrance because there was a huge crowd of partying cyclists in the back alley!

Turns out the madam of the Amore brothel commands the services of a Superintendent of NSW Police no less!

Impressive connections... Anyway the cops couldn't find a good excuse to shut down the show as the organisers had cleverly made sure they had ticked all the bureaucratic boxes. The superintendent had a bit of a whinge (while trying not to smile) because he'd spotted someone drinking out of a glass bottle (which is apparently forbidden) but in the end he and his mates went away and the party continued. Imagine putting up a sign that says "graffiting prosecuted" (whatever that means) in May's Lane of all places. Great way to make friends with the local community.



I didn't manage to get pictures of all the organisers but here are a few of them. They should feel very proud of having put together such a great event. Want to see more photos?


yogi said...

Yep I was by the bar when the Police came in.. They where clutching at straws.
No drunk or Disorderly, No loud music, no loud people. just smiles and a good time by all... When the cops did turn up... they where really just walking through looking for something to shut down. He found a Bundy Bottle in the gutter and said.. This will close you down... it was the only one and someone brought it along. The crowd was very well behaved and the cops where just clutching at straws... perhaps we should have had media badges on us so the basic "let them pass" mode clicks into operation

I missed the show as I came straight after work and then home for a freshen up. Managed to leave a skin deposit on Wilson St.

However when I got there I was happy to be greeted with happy faces and a "Just ride in" instruction.

Was a great night and Thanks to all.

naomi said...

I missed the parade so great to see some pics. So many awesome bikes and many that I have come to recognise!

yogi - your bike is beautiful.

Looking forward to the King St parade:)