Sunday, November 16, 2008

At the vanishing point

Bicycle Triptych
That's a wrap! This year's Bicycle Film Festival finished up today. For me that meant heading down to ATVP to give a short talk about our artwork and then to pack it up. Over 700 people have been through the Road:Rode exhibition so it has been a big success.

Several of the 30 artists who contributed works to the exhibition were there to speak about their exhibits and as the works ranged across a wide variety of mediums it was an enlightening afternoon. It's fabulous to see the way bicycles have become such a powerful cultural icon.

A multicultural Tour De France

Janice's bicycle cheese platters. I would have loved to buy these.

Fez negotiates a purchase.

A positive response to the gentrification of Newtown.

If only we could do this with the real Anzac Bridge.

Adam Leddin had the four riders of the apocalypse with lots of zodiac and elemental symbols. Very cool.

This lady had made jewellery by cutting off the ends of her handlebars.

Sonia came all the way from Canberra. Her artworks included embroidery and a cyclist drawn with bitumen.

I think this man's name was Ken, he talked about these amazing tricycles, the utes of the bicycle world. They do 90% of the transport of goods in China.

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