Friday, August 22, 2008

Waving Wednesdays

If you're on a bike & it's Wednesday, then wave!

Answers to commonly asked questions:

What's Waving Wednesday?
It's a simple concept! It's Wednesday and you're riding a bicycle. You
see someone else on a bicycle. You wave to them. They wave to you.

Does it cost anything to participate in Waving Wednesday?
Waving Wednesday only costs about 3 calories per wave.

If I wave on Wednesdays, can I still wave on other days?
Waving to promote cameraderie among cyclists is always encouraged.

What qualifies as a wave?
A wave 'counts' when you move your hand back and forth at least 3 times.

When is it?

Nodding or saluting do not count - those salutations can find their own
darn days.

Do I really have to do this?

Yes, you have to.

Also there will soon be flyers so you can put them up on poles etc. And
if anyone has any chalk, how about chalking popular bike route eg Wilson
St with the words 'Wave Wednesday'

Contact - Andrew Dodds 0403999899

1 comment:

David J said...

Thanks for bringing the news.
Now I've got it... And Wednesday that's the day after Tuesday... right? Got it! And will wave. I'm down for some of those flyers too. Cool idea.