Sunday, August 03, 2008

Four steps to tackle global warming right now

Article from the Age today:
" A new tax proposal from Bicycle Victoria would mean that employees could be given a huge incentive to ride to work. Under the scheme, workers could claim up to $1500 of the cost of a bike and riding equipment as a tax-free income, provided they log at least 25 kilometres a week commuting. To qualify, they would need to log this distance for at least 12 weeks and could claim the break once every two years.

Current tax law prevents tax deduction claims for travelling to work, but Bicycle Victoria chief Harry Barber said congestion in capital cities would drop enormously if just a small number of commuters switched to bikes. "The Government would lose out on tax revenue but would benefit in many other ways," he said. "This project would give the Government a carbon benefit, an infrastructure saving and a health benefit in one stroke."

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pedaller said...

Lovely story, but what a pity that the cyclists in the photo are being portrayed as law-breakers by not wearing helmets.