Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ms. Alleycat Toronto 2008

ms. alleycat
Photos from Rikitko

An Alleycat race is an informal bicycle race. Alleycats almost always take place in cities, and are often organised by bicycle messengers. The informality of the organisation is matched by the emphasis on taking part, rather than simple competition. Many Alleycats present prizes for the last competitor to finish (sometimes known as Dead Fucking Last or DFL). The first race to be called "Alleycat" was held in Toronto on 30/10/89 and continued, in its original form, around Halloween and Valentine's Day for the following five years. In 1993, when Toronto messengers shared Alleycat stories at the first international messenger race (C.M.W.C Berlin), the name and the concept spread far and wide. Regularly organised Alleycats can be found in cities across North America, Europe and Asia. Many smaller cities with no cycle messenger population are also home to alleycats run by the burgeoning urban cyclist subculture.

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