Monday, July 21, 2008

Fat motorists whinging about petrol prices

Everyone here is complaining about the rising cost of fuel. Except the cyclists of course...
The Federal Opposition has been demanding that our Government lift the excise on petrol, (something they failed to do for the 10 years they were in power,) Surprisingly it's the first traction they've got on any issue. People love whinging about the price of petrol. Lifting the excise would cost the government an estimated 13 billion per year but would only save the average Australian about fifty cents a week. They couldn't even buy an extra donut with that! The only way to lower the fuel price is to lower demand.
Every time you drive your car less than a kilometre you are contributing to the problem.
First Worlders as a whole are lazy. If they would walk more, or take public transport or ride a bike, they could potentially save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. I save nearly three thousand a year by riding instead of taking the bus. Funny how that is never an option when they are screaming that the price of fuel is killing them. Meanwhile sales of 4WDs are up to 25% of the new car market and the number of car purchases by young people is increasing again. Personally I think they should put the price of petrol
up and work out a way to tax people who drive less than 12km. They should be on bikes. Australia has just cracked the record for the most obese population on the planet! The yearly financial cost of obesity in Australia is in the region of $3.7 billion.

Another thing that isn't often mentioned is the fact that we need oil to make plastic. Imagine a future with no plastic! People will look back at this time and be amazed that we burned up such a valuable resource just to power trips to the local school or shops. Despite its variations and guises, the humble chain-driven diamond frame bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever created and remains celebrated throughout the world. It was a commercial success before the automobile, and - in all likelihood - will outlast it as well.
Riding a bicycle is the definition of freedom. Freedom from the oil companies. Freedom from monthly car payments. Freedom from expensive car maintenance. Freedom from monthly insurance payments. Freedom from obesity and all of its associated health risks. Freedom from bus schedules. Freedom to stop and admire the view any time you want. Freedom to choose your own route. Freedom to go at your own pace. Freedom to be yourself. And riding a bike is a lot more fun than sitting in traffic.


Highwaymunky said...

Well said sir!
I completely agree, (and I do love a good rant!)

David J said...

Yup. ditto with the highway guy... No harm in ranting though! We don't need a crystal ball to see the fate of things but who's gonna stop burning it up when it's so darn easy?
They recently opened a Hummer dealership in Darwin! WOW maybe the Gov can pay the dealer compensation if no one buys them coz of the cost of fuel...? Or maybe people will just buy them and demand another war to keep the prices down.