Monday, January 29, 2007


Today the girls and I went on an epic trip South to Turella to visit the artists at Mekanarky Studios. We rode along the Cooks River bike Path to Edgecliff and then up over the mighty ridge. It was very steep. On the other side we were in uncharted territory and struggled to find a way down through the jungle and cliffs to Wolli Creek. The Wolli was a pretty deep creek so we had to spend more time finding a place to cross it.
It was hot work.

Eventually we found a narrow footbridge that led us into Henderson St in Turella which was full of factory workers lazing in the shade during their lunch break. From there it was only a short ride to the old Ice Cream Factory which has been transformed into a magical creative warren full of sculptures and busy artists (and their dogs).

We met up with Des (Second Marshal and Chief SBAR Fixer) and then discussed plans for our paint enclosure with a lanky fellow named Ran. The designs look great and for the same price as the temporary fence we hired last year we will get a much more attractive enclosure that we can paint with our own designs and keep for future rides. I will probably go down and put a base coat on some time in the next week or two with some cheap blue paint that Des has found. So if you're handy with a roller and would like to give me a hand...

After that Ran showed us around and then we went down to Arncliffe to draw some money as a deposit on the fence. That done we chucked our bikes in Des's trailer and headed over to Adora Chocolate shop where we had some enthusiastic discussions about how we would decorate the new enclosure. After eating lots of chocolates we said goodbye to Des and then rode back along Cooks River, putting up posters wherever Steve had not already hung one.

Paul Johnson dropped in this evening and took more posters and cards to cover some of the Southern suburbs and Reshan called to say he has already used all the ones he picked up on the weekend. Tomorrow I have an interview on 2SER at about 10.05am and then Wendy and I will be going postering up Oxford St to Centennial Park. Come along if you'd like to lend a hand.

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