Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busy Day

Today was very busy with the girls first day back at school and media attention hotting up.

Wendy and I went in to Ultimo to do an interview at 2SER with Sarah Hanniffy

After that we headed up to Oxford St and did some intensive postering. Posters are starting to run a bit short, we might have to print more next year.

Wendy at the Tool Shed.

We popped into Wooly's Wheels and ran into Philip Gomes of Spinopsys fame. They already had our poster up in a prominent place so that everyone coming into the store would see it. We spent some time trying to persuade Phil that he should be one of our Silver Marshals and gave him a handful of postcards for him to distribute to especially favoured customers.

Got back home in time to pick up the kids and then fielded calls from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Southern Courier who both wanted pictures for articles they are writing about the ride. I also spent some time trying to organise a BBQ for the morning of the ride so that everyone can have some tucker while they are waiting to head off. I'm trying to persuade the volunteers that we need a vegetarian option. Meanwhile Wendy is still chasing prizes and someone to make coffee. I heard from Red Captain Tania today, she has moved to WA so the Red Captain position is now vacant.


Phil said...

And of course now you know I'm gonna have to do it.

Count me in and paint me silver.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

That's great thank you Phil. Our chief Marshal Paul Johnson will be pleased.