Monday, February 06, 2006

Hope Valley

Today Marshal Des picked up the paint from the factory and it is all safely stored away at a secret location so we won't have anyone stealing the paint this year.

We are getting heaps of media interest again with newspaper articles and radio interviews. Lots of photographers have been writing in for accreditation, this year we are asking them to provide us with copies of everything they shoot. I hope all of our riders will send us copies of their photos too, we will be using the best of them for our exhibition later in the year and to share with participants who would like a photo of themself in the ride.

On a historical note.
I had some great news today, many of you may not know that SBAR was first conceived in a section of the ABC's 7.30 Report office affectionately known as "Hope Valley," the name has some significance for me as the words 'hope' and 'valley' are very important to the ethos of the Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust. SBAR is after all an EGS project. Hope is an important part of the symbolism of the Human Rainbow. By using our individual human networks to fundraise for Cancer Research we are expressing our Hope for the future.

Definition of Hope (Oxford English Dictionary) "to look with expectation of something desired; to trust, have confidence; to expect with desire, one of the three heavenly graces (faith, hope and love); it is a ground of hope - a promise."

Last year my colleagues were enthusiastic behind the scenes supporters and helped organise and support the ride in many different ways but this year they have fulfilled one of my greatest wishes (and hopes!) by actually agreeing to ride with us. So look out for the four silver painted journalist/producers with the letters H,O,P and E on their backs. Two of them are women and one of the guys will be me!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!


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