Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shopping by bicycle or car? The Netherlands versus Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Although I find this video interesting, I also find it very subjective. When living in the inner city of Sydney, we never used to use the car for shopping. Instead, I bought a shopping trolley and walked to the shops. We got a car later and used it only on week-ends to get away from the city. During the two years I lived in the inner city of Sydney, I have never seen people doing their shopping by car for the same reasons exposed in this video. However, when moving outside the inner city, I could no longer used my trolley or a bike to do the shopping. first of all shops are located too far to go there walking (I tried it took me 50 minutes on way from our place and I cannot afford to spend 1h40 twice a week for shopping). Second of all, riding a bike along roads and streets in Sydney is very dangerous for bikes and walkers even more in the suburbs. It is not a problem of willingness it is the problem that Sydney and suburbs are made for cars, not for people. Change that and you change people's mentality. I am from Europe and I have been living in Australia for the past 10 years, in Europe I used to do everything by bus, trams and walking, taking the car only when I needed to. Here I need to drive everywhere, my quality of life went down in the speed of light!