Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bicycle Art Happening

Don't miss this one. Send us your photos!

Unleash the photographer within and capture a slice of Sydney on this cycling tour with a difference. Exploring the design precinct and some of the lesser-known parts of Surry Hills, you are provided with a LOMO camera, map and passport to aid in your self-guided tour, documenting your discoveries as you go along. The cycling tour starts and ends at Cloth and Metalab, meeting in the middle at I Ran The Wrong Way. These three venues will be showcasing the Designer Sushi exhibition – an exciting new project which challenges designers to re-imagine everyday objects.

During the bike tour, stories are to be collected from bespoke retailers, cafes and designers who, in turn, stamp passports for discounts on return visits. At the finish of each day, cyclists hand in their cameras and their bikes. Selected photographs will be used to create a large photographic installation which will develop over the three weeks of Sydney Design. A closing party at The Beresford Hotel showing off their work will celebrate the participants’ contribution to the stories that can be discovered amongst the creative backstreets of Surry Hills.

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