Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hipster Messenger

Delivering a very small package.

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Michael said...

Hi SBA, this is not about the post but some news. By the way, it amazes me how hard it is to contact blogs except by posts on comments.

A few weeks ago you ran a movie I made about Sue Abbott and her fight against helmets.

There's a related movie on my bike blog, And So To Bike.

The scoop is that a contract has been signed to bring bike share, like the Paris Velibs, to Melbourne.

But the fly in this ointment is that there's never been a bike share scheme, and there are now hundreds around the world, set up in a city with compulsory helmets.

There seems to be no way to dispense a helmet along with a bike without a human.

I got some people associated with the Melb. bid to be very candid about the problem.

It's on my blog and the movie's called; BIKE SHARE AND HELMETS DON'T MIX?