Tuesday, May 05, 2009


No, they’re not aliens on wheels, but the latest in bicycle storage.

The timing couldn’t be better for Australia, with issues such as petrol costs, sustainability and fitness fuelling a huge growth in cyclist numbers. But this cyclist explosion has not been matched by a growth in the availability of convenient, secure – and good-looking – bicycle storage. So three cheers for the Cyclepod, which has the answer not only for cyclists, but for councils, schools, corporations and architects who don’t want their fine buildings and vistas spoiled by tacky bike racks (or are short on space).

The Cyclepod’s award-winning list of credentials includes:
• stylish – its funky look suggests a happy marriage between an octopus and an aerospace engineer (with the bonus of multiple colour options)
• space-saving – eight bikes can be secured in an area two metres in diameter, which is around 40 per cent less than required by conventional bike racks
• flexible – besides the original Cyclepods, Steward has already come up with three variations to suit different spaces and users
• sustainable – the entire Cyclepods range is made of recycled and/or recyclable materials and can be lit by solar-powered security lights
• secure (less sexy, but critical) – the Cyclepod was described as “an exemplary method of storing bikes securely and efficiently” by London’s Design Against Crime Research Centre.

So far the Cyclepod can only be seen in Brisbane but hopefully Sydney will buy some soon!


Chris Moore said...

I'm not convinced. I use a Pitlock on my front wheel, and the Sheldon Brown lock strategy, which won't work with these racks - you can't lock the rear wheel and frame to either of their metal loops.

Anonymous said...

I am! Their is a lower metal arm at the base very close to the rear wheel and frame, which would allow you to lock a bike. I think the design looks very secure to me! I like the environmental aspects of the design also!

Look forward to seeing more them around!

Cazzbo said...

Hmmm. It'll be a loooong time before we're crowded enough with bikes to really need such things... and for me, all my shopping would fall out of my milk crate!