Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rate a plate

This is a fun new website. Hours of amusement can be derived from reading the offences listed under "Intimidate or endanger cyclist"

6 April 2008
Sunday Telegraph
The site logs dates, times and locations of driver
errors, along with number plates.

These are plotted on a Google map, allowing visitors
to look for offending drivers in their own suburbs.

A new feature allows companies to register their
vehicle number plates and keep track of their
employees' driving behaviour through the site.

The most commonly reported complaints are speeding,
illegal parking, defective vehicles and drivers using
mobile phones.

More than 40 traffic offences have been reported,
including eating at the wheel.

The driver of one P- plated vehicle was
"observed attempting to eat a marathon roll while
trying to turn from Pennant Hills Rd into Loch Maree
Ave at Thornleigh".

Site co-founder Simon Dakin said the idea was to use
the Internet's power and community involvement to make
a difference to road safety.

Mr Dakin said the site had procedures aimed at weeding
out malicious reports.

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