Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bike of choice

I dropped in to Cheeky Transport this afternoon to get Minerva's gearing lowered a bit . Dave had found some smaller cogs to put on the back wheel as I had complained that I was running out of gears when I was powering down hill. He switched the 18 tooth cog with a 16 tooth one and now she is perfect. I got some big black metal pedals too as the single sided ones were annoying me a bit. Anyway when I arrived they'd just finished building a bike for the lady from Choice magazine. I met her on the day I went in to pick up Minerva for the first time. She was shopping for a bike and asked if she could try Minerva. "Sure you can" I said, then she announced that she hadn't ridden a bike since she was about 10 years old which made me feel a bit nervous..."My precious new bike!" Everything went ok though and she liked it so much she ordered one just like it on the spot. Minerva is the one on the right.

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