Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What we did today

Still school holidays here and I've been taking the girls out on their bikes every day. It makes for a great (no cost) activity for them. They love the independence of being in charge of their own vehicle.

We stopped at Newtown Square to eat some of the choc-chip cookies we baked yesterday and watch the passing fashion parade. I love sitting here and watching all the people go by. Especially the ones on bikes!

We found this Love letter on the sign in the square so I took a picture of it for Nosey in Newtown.

Then we stopped to take this shot for the Newtown Flikr group

Destination Arrival!
Cheeky Transport is our favourite bike shop. You always get a warm welcome here. Adam gave us cold drinks and some free spokey dokes for the girls. We bought some cycle gloves which the girls have been wanting for a long time.

The girls put the spokey dokes on straight away.

Couldn't resist snapping this one for Flikr

Then we went and had some sushi for lunch

After doing some shopping and riding home again we were pretty warm so we had a dip in the pool and then watched this cool video. Mother will be home soon so we have to get started cooking, this is what we are going to make.

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gwadzilla said...

looks like a good day!