Monday, November 26, 2007


Why is it that punctures always seem to come in groups? I hadn't had any tyre trouble for months then last week I heard something scraping on the fender and stopped to have a look. I found this massive screw sticking out of my tyre.

Then tonight I was cruising down Bedford St and heard something going click click every time the wheel span around. It was a bloody thumb tack! Stupidly I pulled it out and then found myself pushing a heavily laden bike all the way home.
Both punctures happened near Newtown Square, could it be a saboteur? A deranged motorist? Or maybe it's the Demon SUV driver...

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DamianM said...

It always happens in groups. I had a week where I managed three flats due to roofing or building nails in Erko. Then nothing for months. A bit of rain always brings it out as well.