Thursday, September 13, 2007

They Hate Freedom

They hate us because we are free.
They hate us because we question the beliefs they hold so fervently.
They hate us because they think we don't belong in their country.
Assuming that their way of life is the one true path, they deem us infidels, lesser beings who deserve to be destroyed.
They can't stand freedom. Having given it up themselves, it irks them to see anyone else have it and use it.
They create a whole value system based on the necessity to be like them and deprive ourselves as they do.
They don't really want to see anyone reduce their dependence on foreign oil. Real freedom is too much work. Slaving like a dog to pay car payments, insurance, upkeep and fuel costs is deemed freedom, worth the price of lives lost at home and abroad.

Putting forth one's own wholesome effort to get from place to place is subversive, annoying, despicable self-indulgence.

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Fritz said...

Glad you liked it (and that you read the whole thing!) Thanks for the linky love!