Thursday, August 09, 2007

Long time coming

Yes it's been ages I know. Sorry...

I went off to New Zealand so here are some photos I took over there. Lots of crazy old vintage bikes in that country. Most of the riders seemed to be either long haul members of the lycra brigade or elderly middle class ladies. Not a lot of bike pirates around.

And of course the obligatory mud bath photo...
Ok so it's not much to show for such a long hiatus, if you want something funny to read check out "The Freedom Blog"
Where you can enjoy gems like this "You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of car he drives; What does the fact that I drive a hummer say about me? Powerful, strong, rugged and All-American." and further down the page "The way I see it is that by driving this truck, I’m making a statement that I will not let the Democrats high oil-prices defeat me. America’s gonna keep on truckin’ no matter what the terrorists do. Anybody who rides a cycle has already given in to the terrorists."
Coming soon I will be presenting Sarah's specially commissioned photos of European cycling in all it's glory and Chris's Cambridge cyclist photos. Stay tuned.

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