Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Fujis

Today we went to Cheeky Transport and picked up two new fujis for the girls. We took them to Peace Park to try them out. The bikes were a bit frisky at first, especially Katia's but they soon broke them in. These are the girls first geared bikes so they were very excited when they found out how easy it was to ride up hills. In a few years they'll grow up and become bikepunx, then they'll want to have fixies again...

Sid and big Red are inside.

Katia has named her bike Kaika after the legendary 9th Japanese Emperor. Ania named hers Slick. They both opted for honky hooters rather than bells. Ania chose a red hooter after John Monkey told her that red would make it go faster.


pedaller said...

mmmm ... I think I better go out and buy a red honky hooter then:)

After reading Spinopsys today I think I'll drop by Wooly's Wheels and ask Phil a whole lot of questions about the comparative weights of different brands of hooters and bells:)

schmadzie said...