Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Commute by Bike

10 Your private health insurance company is owned by rich friends of John Howard and your increased health would equate to extra profits for them.

9 Its hard to drink coffee, put on make-up, shave, or talk on a mobile phone when you're cycling.

8 You won't spend as much quality time sitting in your truly enjoyable and expensive automobile.

7 Your insurance agent is a great guy and you'd hate to stop paying car insurance premiums.

6 If too many people do it, petrol stations, mechanics and car yards will go out of business, adding to the unemployed.

5 The many options of what you can do with the money saved on petrol, rego, insurance, and maintenance, may lead to bad financial decisions.

4 The natural high and energy rush you'll feel daily will increase your performance at work, possibly leading to a promotion and better pay, further compounding reason number 5 and possibly alienating your workmates.

3 You'll lose weight and new clothes are expensive!

2 Your fitness level may cause you to outlive your friends and be lonely in your old age.

1 Its just too much trouble eating the extra food you need for energy.

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