Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Ride Report

Shopping malls collapsed, roads flooded but the Sydney Body Art Ride went through.

Congratulations to all the wonderful people who showed up for yesterday’s third annual Sydney Body Art Ride. Despite the gloomy weather reports and a number of conflicting events we managed to muster 200 riders and the sun shone down on us all day. In fact the perfect weather lasted until we had finished packing the last few things back at UNSW. Then the rain came down and conveniently rinsed the left over paint off the lawn. (The Purple riders had left the biggest paint puddle)

This year we had a coffee van, a veg/non veg BBQ and music.

With the numbers down a bit our paint team was able to put in extra effort on giving people more elaborate designs and in the first few photos I’ve seen there is some great artwork. In fact the whole event was a bit more relaxed and easy to manage. This year was the first time we’ve had a “Sad Wagon” to pick up riders whose bikes break down and for the first time we needed one. One of the Red Team was collected and transported to the Beach. Seems like the Gods love SBAR.

As organisers we were very proud of how well behaved everyone was down on the Beach. Conditions were pretty rough so everyone stayed inside the flags and didn’t go in too far. Three riders were stung by blue bottles and unfortunately two of them were younger riders, all three have fully recovered and I guess we were lucky that out of 200 people only three got stung.

Our youngest rider this year was seven years old (apart from the pregnant women of course) and the oldest was 60. We had the highest number of Piercings ever recorded with a rider displaying nine of them to take out the prize. We also had a new colour in our Rainbow, a group of people brought along their own white paint and added floral designs which looked fabulous. Two of the Whites took out the “Best Decorated Bike” prize with their extremely floral tandem.

If you have photos please send us a disc for our exhibition and website.

There are some excellent shots to look at on Jason’s website

You can also visit Phil at Spinopsys for some more photos with an emphasis on the mounts of our noble participants.
We will add more to our usual fotopage as they come in.

Jens also has some fabulous photos.

Excellent images by Rod Spark

Thankyou to everyone who came along and especially to all of our volunteers who work so hard every year to make sure we all have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I had great fun Jake, pencil me in for next year.

Jose Afonso said...

cogratulations everyone for a great event! I had a great time, it was awesome seeing everyone enjoying themselves in such a loose manner and all for a good cause!
I'm definitely on for next year!

MerJa Media said...

Thanks Phil and Jose. Good on you both for showing up. There is now a Flickr group if you'd like to look at some pictures.

J said...

It's great to see that the event went so well. Hopefully we'll be able to take part next year.

Anonymous said...

It was so great to have the chance to take pictures of ordinary people turning into blue, red, green or silver bodies.

I have prepared a gallery with slideshow of my best shots. Check it out at:

Till next year,

MerJa Media said...

Beautiful images Jens, well done. I recommend clicking through the shots instead of using the slide show, then you can read Jens witty commentary.